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Deserialization bug in TensorFlow machine learning framework allowed arbitrary code execution


Ben Dickson

31 August 2021 at 11:05 UTC

Up to date: 31 August 2021 at 11:07 UTC

Builders revoke YAML assist to guard towards exploitation

Deserialization bug in TensorFlow allowed arbitrary code execution

The staff behind TensorFlow, Google’s in style open source Python machine studying library, has revoked assist for YAML attributable to an arbitrary code execution vulnerability.

YAML is a general-purpose format used to retailer information and go objects between processes and functions. Many Python functions use YAML to serialize and deserialize objects.

In accordance with an advisory on GitHub, TensorFlow and Keras, a wrapper library for TensorFlow, used an unsafe perform to deserialize YAML-encoded machine studying fashions.

A proof-of-concept exhibits the vulnerability being exploited to return the contents of a delicate system file:

“On condition that YAML format assist requires a big quantity of labor, we’ve eliminated it for now,” the maintainers of the library stated of their advisory.

Deserialization insecurity

“Deserialization bugs are a terrific assault floor for codes written in languages like Python, PHP, and Java,” Arjun Shibu, the safety researcher who found the bug, informed The Every day Swig.

“I looked for Pickle and PyYAML deserialization patterns in TensorFlow and, surprisingly, I discovered a name to the damaging perform .”

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The perform hundreds a YAML enter straight with out sanitizing it, which makes it potential to inject the info with malicious code.

Sadly, insecure deserialization is a typical apply.

“Researching additional utilizing code looking functions like Grep.app, I noticed 1000’s of tasks/libraries deserializing python objects with out validation,” Shibu stated. “Most of them had been ML particular and take consumer enter as parameters.”

Influence on machine studying functions

The usage of serialization is quite common in machine studying functions. Coaching fashions is a expensive and sluggish course of. Due to this fact, builders usually used pretrained fashions which have been saved in YAML or different codecs supported by ML libraries corresponding to TensorFlow.

“Since ML functions often settle for mannequin configuration from customers, I suppose the provision of the vulnerability is widespread, making a big proportion of merchandise in danger,” Shibu stated.

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Concerning the YAML vulnerability, Pin-Yu Chen, chief scientist at RPI-IBM AI analysis collaboration at IBM Analysis, informed The Every day Swig:

“From my understanding, most cloud-based AI/ML providers would require YAML recordsdata to specify the configurations – so I might say the safety indication is big.”

Numerous the analysis round machine studying safety is targeted on adversarial attacks – modified items of knowledge that concentrate on the habits of ML fashions. However this newest discovery is a reminder that like all different functions, safe coding is a vital side of machine studying.

“Although these assaults should not concentrating on the machine studying mannequin itself, there isn’t a denying that they’re severe threats and require fast actions,” Chen stated.

Machine studying safety

Google has patched more than 100 security bugs on TensorFlow because the starting of the 12 months. It has additionally revealed comprehensive security guidelines on working untrusted fashions, sanitizing untrusted consumer enter, and securely serving fashions on the internet.

“These vulnerabilities are straightforward to seek out and utilizing vulnerability scanners may also help,” Shibu stated.

“Normally, there are alternate options with higher safety. Builders ought to use them every time potential. For instance, utilization of or with the default YAML loader might be changed with the safe perform. The consumer enter ought to be sanitized if there aren’t any higher alternate options.”

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