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    Chinese APT Group Attacks Several Government Entities


    Chinese APT Group Attacks Several Government Entities Using Weaponized Dropbox Download Links

    Just lately, the safety researchers of Kaspersky Lab have detected a really new cyberattack marketing campaign in Southeast Asia, and the marketing campaign was named as LuminousMoth and it has been conducting such assaults since October 2020.

    This marketing campaign is kind of totally different from different common and superior focused assaults. Right here, the primary level of this marketing campaign that grabs the eye is the variety of victims, which isn’t restricted to dozens of organizations, however many instances extra in depth.

    Origins of The Infections

    This marketing campaign was one of many uncommon amongst all, and the safety consultants have claimed that for that reason, they discovered two an infection vectors that had been being utilized by LuminousMoth. 

    Nonetheless, the preliminary vector is the one that gives the risk actors with main entry to a system; and right here, the hackers use spear-phishing emails with malicious Dropbox obtain hyperlinks.

    On the opposite facet, the second an infection vector comes into motion as soon as the primary vector did its work efficiently. Quickly the malware makes an attempt to unfold all around the system by affecting the detachable USB drives. 

    However, the safety analysts from Kaspersky stated that the attackers can implement their assaults, with the assistance of two parts, the preliminary one is a malicious library referred to as “model.dll” which will get sideloaded by “igfxem.exe,” and a Microsoft Silverlight executable which is previously named “sllauncher.exe.” 

    Exploitation Instruments

    There are two exploitation instruments primarily utilized by the risk actors, and they’re:-

    • Pretend Zoom software: This device is being utilized by the risk actors to contaminate the techniques in Myanmar, nevertheless, its important objective is to scan the contaminated techniques for various information together with the predefined extensions and later exfiltrate them to a C2 server. On this assault, the risk actors make use of a highly regarded Zoom video chat software program.
    • Chrome Cookies Stealer: It’s one other exploitation device that’s being prolonged by the risk actors on the contaminated techniques that usually steal cookies from the Chrome browser. Nonetheless, this specific device wants a neighborhood username as an argument, as a result of it’s required to entry two information which can be carrying the information that must be stolen. 


    After the investigation, the safety researchers concluded that LuminousMoth has contaminated numerous targets, and the targets primarily belong from the Philippines and Myanmar.

    However, after investigating the marketing campaign the analysts pronounced that they’ve discovered practically 100 victims in Myanmar, and 1,400 victims within the Philippines. Aside from this, the marketing campaign additionally attacked victims from authorities businesses as nicely.

    Command & Management

    In command and management communication, the consultants found that the risk actors have contacted many IP addresses instantly, in addition to speaking with the area “updatecatalogs.com.”

    • 103.15.28[.]195
    • 202.59.10[.]253

    Whereas aside from this additionally they discovered another domains as nicely, and right here they’re talked about under:-

    • mmtimes[.]web
    • mmtimes[.]org
    • 7daydai1y[.]com
    • irrawddy[.]com
    • mopfi-ferd[.]com

    Connections to HoneyMyte

    After a correct investigation, the cybersecurity researchers got here to know that this tenting has quite a lot of similarities with the HoneyMyte risk group. The issues that make a connection between LuminiousMoth and HoneyMyte is that each the group has the identical concentrating on and TTP.

    Furthermore, each the group has the identical utilization of DLL side-loading and Cobalt Strike loaders, in addition to the part to LuminousMoth’s Chrome cookie stealer, was additionally seen in earlier HoneyMyte exercise.

    Nonetheless, the safety researchers affirmed that each teams have carried out exercise of the identical nature, in each circumstances, a large-scale assault has taken place, which has affected a large perimeter of targets. However nonetheless, it isn’t clear but, whether or not each the teams are related or not.

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