Home Cyber Crime US convicts Russian national behind Kelihos botnet crypting service

US convicts Russian national behind Kelihos botnet crypting service


US convicts Russian national behind Kelihos botnet crypting service

Russian nationwide Oleg Koshkin was convicted for expenses associated to the operation of a malware crypter service utilized by the Kelihos botnet to obfuscate malware payloads and evade detection.

Koshkin has been detained since he was arrested in California in September 2019, and he’s dealing with a most penalty of 15 years in jail after September 20, 2021, when his sentencing is due.

Pavel Tsurkan, his co-defendant, was additionally indicted with conspiring to trigger harm to protected computer systems, and for aiding and abetting Peter Levashov, Kelihos botnet principal operator, in damaging protected computer systems.

Month-to-month funds of $3,000 for malware crypting providers

Koshkin operated Crypt4U.com, Crypt4U.internet, fud.bz, fud.re, and different web sites that promised to render malware (e.g., botnets, remote-access trojans, keyloggers, credential stealers, and cryptocurrency miners) absolutely undetectable by nearly all main suppliers of antivirus options. 

“Particularly, Koshkin labored with Peter Levashov, the operator of the Kelihos botnet, to develop a system that will enable Levashov to crypt the Kelihos malware a number of occasions every day,” the Division of Justice said.

“Koshkin offered Levashov with a customized, high-volume crypting service that enabled Levashov to distribute Kelihos by a number of legal associates.

“Levashov used the Kelihos botnet to ship spam, harvest account credentials, conduct denial of service assaults, and distribute ransomware and different malicious software program.”

The Kelihos maintainer paid Koshkin roughly $3,000 per thirty days for his providers between Could 2014 and April 2017 per the criminal complaint when Levashov was arrested in Spain.

Kelihos botnet, one of many largest of its time

The Kelihos botnet, lively since no less than 2010 and one of the biggest when it was taken down in 2017, was utilized by its operators and different cybercriminals who rented it to ship thousands and thousands of spam messages per hour.

US authorities mentioned on the time that Levashov was renting the botnet’s spamming capabilities for costs from $100 to $300, in response to court documents,

The botnet was focused by three takedown makes an attempt in consecutive years, in 20112012, and 2013, and was lastly taken down in April 2017.

When the FBI lastly dismantled it, the Kelihos botnet was identified to manage at least 60,000 compromised computers worldwide.

“By working a web site that was meant to cover malware from antivirus applications, Koshkin offered a vital service that enabled different cyber criminals to contaminate hundreds of computer systems all over the world,” Performing U.S. Lawyer Leonard C. Boyle for the District of Connecticut mentioned.

“The defendant designed and operated a service that was an important instrument for among the world’s most harmful cybercriminals, together with ransomware attackers,” added Performing Assistant Lawyer Common Nicholas L. McQuaid of the Justice Division’s Felony Division.

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