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    Hackers Behind Qlocker Ransomware Made $260,000 in 5 days


    Qlocker Ransomware

    Hackers behind Qlocker Ransomware made $260,000 in 5 days!! To your shock, this was simply earned by merely remotely encrypting recordsdata on QNAP gadgets utilizing the 7zip archive program.

    When did the assault occur?

    On Monday, the QNAP NAS customers worldwide instantly discovered their recordsdata encrypted after a ransomware operation referred to as Qlocker exploited vulnerabilities on their gadgets.

    What was Qlocker’s key?

    The Qlocker gang has examined all of the QNAP devices related to the Web and misused them utilizing the just lately disclosed vulnerabilities. These actions allowed the risk actors to remotely execute the 7zip archival utility to password defend all of the recordsdata on the sufferer’s NAS storage gadgets.

    That is probably the most easy and straightforward method adopted to encrypt 1000’s of recordsdata! That too to return a lot of cash.

    The worth demanded on the ransom assault:

    The common fee ranges from $100,000 to $50 million to decrypt all of a sufferer’s gadgets and never leak their stolen knowledge. However, Qlocker has shoppers and small-to-medium enterprise house owners using QNAP NAS gadgets for community storage. So, because of the bigger viewers, the risk actors knew their targets nicely as they priced their ransom calls for at solely 0.01 Bitcoins, or at immediately’s Bitcoin costs, roughly $500.

    Qlocker Ransomware
    Qlocker Ransomware

    Paying $500 will be seen as a small value to pay to get better necessary recordsdata, regardless of how violated a sufferer might really feel. Qlocker made nearly $260,000 in these 5 days this manner!

    The 20 bitcoin addresses, proven beneath, have acquired ransom funds totalling 5.25735623 Bitcoins. This quantity is equal to roughly $258,494.

    Bitcoin Tackle Complete Bitcoin funds
    34vbPQLgGZwKG2FikitGU6QR7K25aB6Shh 0.5521622
    37m57HiP5rPceopgEWF9sM58CkzaDFYtaU 0.14021317
    3Ekwztte7oWR1odC1eKeL2Va4cpBuGXPgU 0.09962125
    3EPBKN3bcax81U3MdKYUhMC1fzFEFGPC6E 0.10915462
    3EvCKQ38y8ePUwM4w49XWVtAK7KhYbmeMH 0.34801656
    3FvLioiqF2TrQgZ9zRMdd7QUfc2hTjKZfL 0.08951304
    3FXVLv8TmcHNmnfwLfc5g7f2a32xp3XugW 0.38088464
    3G6fbWX6At9uRzKf6kwS6R6pn5EQ8UsxKY 0.16983215
    3GfAJxhUen3oqb4sDDnPmXyhs5mDboHbyG 0.46134513
    3JRdPjB8U3nfDqQHzTqw9yYra49Gsd8Rar 0.40133268
    3KmK5z4CAvn3aL4Q8F2gWbhuPRy9ZmEurN 0.29910901
    3Kywg92E877KUWmyaeeLNSXFc5bqBvFbAm 0.48277236
    3LLzycFNFh7mDsqRhfknfGBa6TKq6HcfwS 0.3190132
    3Lp1NkJHYsmFRBfM3ggoWsS1PF5hXxrwrD 0.32386846
    3PDfzkTnD1E7gB7peZ2prRyDxjQ1BhqcV1 0.1402
    3PunvFGpVWLX7PNAoT3bMDbPQU2QQW4kxN 0.15954
    3Q8WmjQyFs1EKCdu415t2P9cxY7AbqorPd 0.40031185
    3EWRngsRDhCxMHtKxeK6k9kX3pyWZSA2YB 0.13081244
    3Gwz3yVmrGr5AqmUrAS8H2QQaPz2v9Rhpx 0.15965435
    3JtUAz4aKUrjcBK47ocdv52tTJkriat1nx 0.08999912

    This ransomware marketing campaign is an ongoing progress, the place we see new victims on daily basis. It’s essential right here that each one QNAP customers should replace the newest variations of the Multimedia Console, Media Streaming Add-on, and Hybrid Backup Sync apps to repair the vulnerabilities and defend in opposition to these ransomware assaults. It’s not simply in regards to the cash, it’s also in regards to the morals, ethics, and values behind this!.

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